dg. Erandi Hernández Lemus

Born to design, passionate about my work, proactive, entrepreneurial, sociable.

When I'm not designing, you can find me swimming or in a concert with my favorite person.

Identity Design

Creation of brands. Graphic elements that come to life through strokes, shapes and colors, which materialize and represent the heart of each project.

Web Design

I always was amaze how a simple line of code does wonders. The design on web must always be clean and easy to read thats the tricky part of it.

Digital Design

Digital canvas is so awesome, you only have one size canvas but you have to make it shine every time for e-coommerce, social media, mailing and mobile.

Marketing Digital

The new technology comes with so much shooking data that makes this backend world so magical for sales.

Work Platforms and technologies

Adobe Creative Cloud. Microsoft Office. HTML, HTML5, Javascript (jQuery), Wordpress.


English and spanish.

Professional experience

2019 - 2010. Freelance.

I had work as a freelance in identity, corporate, web, print design and campaings in AdWords y Analytics for different types of bussiness like: Hooters México, Tutsi Pop México, Sagarpa, Colegio Grimm, Mariana Alberico, Prosegur, DH Studio Co., Duem, Machingon, ACK Promote, C3 Stage, Co-herencia Emocional, Habicat, Colegio Mexicano de Trofología, CODIVI, Amore Floreale, Khoris, Heal With Ayurveda.

2010 - 2008. Next Solutions 2.0.

I was Graphic Design Leader for Web Design, worked as a team with me leading the campaings and making corporative and web design for: Fortia-RealEstate, Sagarpa, Nextel - Motorokr y Nextel - Blackberry Red.

2008 - 2007. Contraste Diseño y Publicidad.

I was Graphic Design Jr. generating corporative and web design for multiples brands: Recorchilis, Luz Elena González, Salones Coronado, David Attie, Bioparque Estrella y BOCProducciones.

2007 - 2006. UNICEF.

Here i did my Social Service backing the design and marketing team in campaings for México and Latinoamérica.

School Level

Update in online courses of: Animation (After Effects, Premiere Pro), illustration (Illustrator), digital marketing (Google Adwords and Analytics), Advanced Photoshop And Illustrator.

2003-2007. Graphic Designer graduated from the Graphic Design career at UNITEC de Atizapan, México.


CDMX, México.